Do you know these 3 unique ways to utilize your entire Halloween pumpkin?

basket of fresh pumpkins

Do you know these 3 unique ways to utilize your entire Halloween pumpkin?

At the Pumpkin Patch, we have a passion for (you guessed it) pumpkins! We have been growing pumpkins for over thirty years and look forward to growing them for many more years to come. So what makes this fruit so great?

Well, here are 3 unique uses for the pumpkin:


1. Cooking

There are many different ways to use the pumpkin in the kitchen. Of course, you can use it in pies and breads, but did you know that the pumpkin is also wonderful for soups, stews, and even lasagna. Almost every part of the pumpkin is editable. Even the seeds taste great and make a wonderfully healthy snack.


2. Decorating

The pumpkin has many uses for beautifying your home. Of course everyone knows that pumpkin Jack O Lanterns are great decorations for your home. But did you know that you can also use your pumpkin as a planter, candle, and even a serving bowl. Pumpkins can even be used to make great potpourri and air fresheners!


3. Recycling

After you’ve carved up your Jack O Lantern or mashed up your pie filling, the pumpkin is still useful! The pumpkin is rich in nutrients, so it makes a great additive to your garden compost. And because of all of those great nutrients, your pumpkin leftovers can even be turned into DIY beauty products. Yup, your pumpkin can be turned into an exfoliating skin cream, face mask, and even body butter.


Yes, the pumpkin is a very versatile fruit. Here are links detailing all of our favorite uses for the pumpkin:

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DIY Pumpkin Air Freshener


And make sure to come out to our farm in Caledonia, Illinois to pick out your pumpkins this fall season. This fall, our family can’t wait to meet your family.


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