Your home for fall family fun

We deeply cherish family, so we have loaded our farm with as many fun things for you and your family as we can fit (and we have a big farm!). With all of our attractions, when you come to The Pumpkin Patch, you can be sure that that special day out with your family will be a day you will always hold dear.

Here are just a few of the fun activities for you and your family at The Pumpkin Patch:

Corn Maze

Each fall The Pumpkin Patch creates a unique 7-acre corn maze. Which means, just because you made it out last year, doesn’t mean you can do it again this year. So, go ahead and get lost.

Barnyard Petting Zoo

At The Pumpkin Patch, you and your family can experience life on a farm at our barnyard petting zoo where we have chickens, goats, and other barnyard animals that you and your family can feed and pet.

The World’s Largest Pumpkin

Yup, that’s right. Because we love pumpkins so much, with much pride and a possibly unhealthy amount of reverence, The Pumpkin Patch is home to the world’s largest pumpkin. Yes, over ten feet tall, we’ve never seen a more beautiful pumpkin in all our years.

Old-Fashioned Wagon Rides- weekends only

Take a step back in time with our old-fashioned wagon rides at The Pumpkin Patch. On the wagon rides, you and your family will take a tour of our pumpkin fields as well as be able to hop out and pick your own pumpkins, straight off the vine.

Front Yard Playground

Having fun is a top priority at The Pumpkin Patch, so we’ve put what’s most important up front. The Front Yard Playground is a playground full of inflatable rides. Whether it’s on the moon-bounce or obstacle course, you and your family will have a bouncing good time at our Front Yard Playground.