We would like to introduce ourselves.


We are the new owners of The Pumpkin Patch. We have lived in Caledonia and farmed a mile up the road for five generations. Our family has worked behind the scenes growing the pumpkins and the corn maze for The Pumpkin Patch since 2002. We are very excited to continue being a part of your families’ fall traditions. We will be bringing you some of the same fall fun that you have known and loved as well as provide some new twists that we hope you will enjoy. We look forward to seeing you all in a couple short months when the weather starts to turn and the autumn breeze comes knocking at your door. See you soon! – The Lindberg Family


Opening Day September 21st, 2017!

Welcome to The Pumpkin Patch!

Yes, we love pumpkins! Because we love them so much, we take the utmost care with our pumpkins. We grow them and we sell them to you: simple and old-fashioned.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Along with our love of pumpkins, we hold family togetherness very close to our hearts. In today’s busy world, we know how special it is to spend time together.

So, at The Pumpkin Patch, you can be sure that that special day out with your family will be a day you will always hold dear.

This fall, our family can’t wait to meet your family.

Mark Your Calendars!

Our 3rd Annual Witches Ball will be October 7th 2017!!

Do You Know Where Jack-o’-lanterns Come From?


At the Pumpkin Patch in Caledonia, Illinois, we love pumpkins! There are so many wonderful things you can do with a pumpkin. Out of the many fall crops, the pumpkin is one of the most versatile harvest fruits.

But the one thing everybody loves to use their pumpkin for is Jack-o’-lanterns. But why? Who thought to carve up a pumpkin and put a candle inside?

Well, here is a brief answer to that question. Here is a small account of the history of the Jack-o’-lantern.

The history and use of the Jack-o’-lantern comes from Ireland. When the Irish immigrated to America, they brought the history and the traditions of their homeland with them. The Jack-o’-lantern was one of those traditions (History.com).

Did you know that originally the Irish carved their Jack-o’-lanterns out of turnips, potatoes, and even squashes. This is because those crops were more prevalent in Ireland. It wasn’t until the Irish came to America that pumpkins began being used to make Jack-o’-lanterns. Pumpkins quickly became the favorite crop for Jack-o’-lanterns because of their size, which make pumpkins much easier to hollow out and carve designs into (About.com).

But why carve into pumpkins or any other crop in the first place? The making of Jack-o’-lanterns comes from the Irish folk tale of Stingy Jack.

In short, the story goes that Stingy Jack was a trickster. So much so that he was even able to trick the Devil. He tricked the Devil into promising that when Jack died he would not take his soul. Despite his agreement with the Devil, Jack still died. But when he got to Heaven, St. Peter wouldn’t let him in. He said Jack was too mean of a person, and sent Jack to Hell. But when Jack got to Hell, the Devil wouldn’t let him in either because of his promise to never take Jack’s soul (History.com).

So Jack was forced to wander the Earth. But before Jack left the gates of Hell, the Devil tossed him a burning ember to light his way across the world. Jack took the ember and placed it inside a turnip and thus made a lantern (About.com).

And now instead of carving out turnips, we carve up pumpkins in memory of this Irish folk tale.

For further reading on the history of the Jack-o’-lantern, check out these great articles:




Yes, we love pumpkins! Because we love them so much, we take the utmost care with our pumpkins. We grow them and we sell them to you: simple and old-fashioned. So this fall when you’re drafting up your Jack-o’-lantern design, we’ll have all the great big pumpkins you’ll need to make this Halloween season your favorite season.

So come out to see us at the Pumpkin Patch in Caledonia, Illinois. Our family can’t wait to meet your family.

See How The Pumpkin Patch Gives Back to Our Local Community


“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

-Anne Frank

Charity and generosity are what make our society so strong and vibrant. We strongly believe that no one can do more for our world than a generous person.

At the Pumpkin Patch in Caledonia, Illinois, we strive to give back as much as we can. As a long standing business in our community, we believe we have an obligation to give back to our community, a community that has to given so much back to us.

Every season, we support the March of Dimes and the Boone County Food Pantry.

The March of Dimes is an organization that helps pregnant “moms take charge of their health,” and supports “families when something goes wrong” with their child’s delivery (MarchofDimes.com). The March of Dimes helps locally, nationally, and internationally. They provide  assistance and information to moms and families throughout their pregnancy, and they research the causes that affect and harm childbirth.

At the Pumpkin Patch, whenever you purchase an item at our farm, we will ask you to donate to the March of Dimes. For your contribution, we place a pumpkin sticker with your name on it inside our barn. For every contribution you give to the March of Dimes, we match it-penny for penny; dollar for dollar. This way, we can work together as a community and raise more support together than we could apart.

Where the March of Dimes works both locally and abroad, the Boone County Food Pantry gives back specifically to Boone County, Illinois. The food pantry works “to help those facing hard times until they are able to be self-sufficient” (BBCFoodPantry.com). Their mission “is to give people hope and to make a difference in their lives” (BBCFoodPantry.com).

The Pumpkin Patch is located in Caledonia, Illinois which is on the North side of Boone County Illinois. From border to border, Boone County is close-knit community. But Boone County Illinois, just as many other communities in our nation, has been hit hard by the recent economic recession. But because we are all neighbors here in Boone County, we all help each other, and the Boone County Food Pantry has served our home community faithfully in our time of need.

So, we do everything we can to support the Boone County Food Pantry. Every season, we donate the extra food from our cafe to the Boone County Food Pantry. All of our food is made fresh, so all of our donations are fresh.

For more information on these organizations, here are links to their home web pages:





The Pumpkin Patch believes in supporting our community, believes in giving back. This fall, come out to our farm to pick up your delicious fall pumpkins, and help us give back to our community by helping us support both the March of Dimes and the Boone County Food Pantry.

Do you know these 3 unique ways to utilize your entire Halloween pumpkin?

basket of fresh pumpkins

Do you know these 3 unique ways to utilize your entire Halloween pumpkin?

At the Pumpkin Patch, we have a passion for (you guessed it) pumpkins! We have been growing pumpkins for over thirty years and look forward to growing them for many more years to come. So what makes this fruit so great?

Well, here are 3 unique uses for the pumpkin:


1. Cooking

There are many different ways to use the pumpkin in the kitchen. Of course, you can use it in pies and breads, but did you know that the pumpkin is also wonderful for soups, stews, and even lasagna. Almost every part of the pumpkin is editable. Even the seeds taste great and make a wonderfully healthy snack.


2. Decorating

The pumpkin has many uses for beautifying your home. Of course everyone knows that pumpkin Jack O Lanterns are great decorations for your home. But did you know that you can also use your pumpkin as a planter, candle, and even a serving bowl. Pumpkins can even be used to make great potpourri and air fresheners!


3. Recycling

After you’ve carved up your Jack O Lantern or mashed up your pie filling, the pumpkin is still useful! The pumpkin is rich in nutrients, so it makes a great additive to your garden compost. And because of all of those great nutrients, your pumpkin leftovers can even be turned into DIY beauty products. Yup, your pumpkin can be turned into an exfoliating skin cream, face mask, and even body butter.


Yes, the pumpkin is a very versatile fruit. Here are links detailing all of our favorite uses for the pumpkin:

Pumpkin Stew 

Pumpkin Lasagna 

Slow-Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Planter 

Pumpkin Candles 

Pumpkin Serving Bowls 

Pumpkin Exfoliating Cream 

Pumpkin Body Butter 

Pumpkin Exfoliating Face Mask

DIY Pumpkin Air Freshener


And make sure to come out to our farm in Caledonia, Illinois to pick out your pumpkins this fall season. This fall, our family can’t wait to meet your family.